Monday, December 29, 2008

The Peanut Gallery

I've decided I'm going to keep a blog-page that has periodical updating of the hilarious things my boys say. Almost everyday one of them says something that just cracks me up, and there are so many funny memories I don't want to forget. So here they are, and the lists will continue to grow....

Owen falls down and busts his legs... he's crying.... I'm holding him, and I say, "Do you want a popsicle?", to which he replies (through his tears), "yes, (sniffle), and some coffee."
Owen, 5, 09/25/10

At 5:30am David is playing computer & Owen walks in.... Owen: "Daddy, my peepee sticks out, but if I leave it alone, it will lay down.".
Owen - 5, 06/14/10

Owen, Jack and Mommy are in the car. Owen is eating trail mix. Jack doesn't like nuts.
Jack: "Mommy, I think I smell Owen's nuts. Do you smell Owen's nuts?"
Jack - 7, 01/19/10

During the kissing scene in the movie Avatar, Owen yells out, "Is this the good part?"
Owen - 5, 01/18/10

Owen is laughing his head off...
Jack: "What's so funny Owen?"
Owen: "Your face! Your silly face!"
Jack - 7, Owen - 3 days from 5 years old, 11/23/09

Jack and Owen are upstairs brushing their teeth. This is what I hear out of nowhere.
Owen: "Jack, I love you."
Jack: "I love you too, buddy."
Jack - 7, Owen - almost 5, 11/20/09

"Mommy, I'm a natural bowler, and I have little balls!" Owen, Age 4, 11/09/09

Owen: "Mommy, what is this hole in my pajama pants?"
Me:"That is so you can go potty at night and you don't have to pull your pants down. You can stick your peepee out of it and go potty."
Owen:"Oh..." Owen seems very interested in this hole. I turn to do something and when I turn back around he has a proud grin and his weiner hanging out of the his pee pee hole in his pj's. Boys...
A while later....
Owen: "Mommy, I think I'm in trouble."
Me: "Why?"
Owen:"I made another hole in my pajamas."
Me:"You did? Where is it?"
Owen lays back and he's created a "balls" hole in the crotch of his pants, and he is now using both holes to proudly display his weiner, and balls.
I threw the pants out.
Owen - 4, 11/01/09

Jack and Owen sitting are sitting at the dining room table eating dinner and chatting to one another.
Owen: "Jack, (Owen leans back, gazing into the ceiling) when I a baby, I used to suck my thumb (he still does by the way). Also Jack, when I was a baby, I used to go potty in my diaper."
Jack: "Oh, just like me!"
Owen looking VERY puzzled: "Jack, YOU wear a diaper?"
Jack - 6, Owen - 4, June 2009

McDonalds Commercial on the radio: "Come in and try a new decadent mocha!"
Owen: "Mommy, let's go have a decadent taco!"
Owen - 4, 01/20/09

"If you don't go to school then you have to go to a bad college and they make you take off your pants and dance in your underwear!"
Owen - 4, 01/20/09

"Daddy, Grandpa is a builder. But Daddy, you're a fixer."
Jack - 6, 01/19/09

Me: "Owen, let's give you a new middle name! How about Silly Pants?"
Owen: "No Mommy! My middle name is... Loverboy!!"
Owen - 4, 01/12/09

"Patrick married a pole. Seriously.... he did."
Jack, Age 6, 01/06/09

"I just had a dream that a guy with a big space planet head took us to outa-space and we were frozen!"
Owen, Age 4, 01/06/09

Owen: "Mommy, will you carry me?"
Me: "Where do you want me to carry you to?"
Owen: "Oh. Just carry me one."
Owen, Age 4, 12/31/08

"I have a cyborg head and it fell off so I had to put on a new one." Jack, Age 6, 12/30/08

"See these two holes (pointing to his nostrils), this is buger town." Owen, Age 4, 12/29/08

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