Friday, January 2, 2009

Gluten-Free Food Review #1

Yesterday I embarked on a new journey to live a completely gluten-free lifestyle. I began this journey by clearing our house of all glutenous foods and even some appliances that couldn't be properly cleansed of crumbs.

My first shopping stop was Whole Foods Market where I spent nearly two hours reading labels and going up and down the aisles (some of them two or three times). A very helpful man named Jim from the marketing department gave me a great store tour when I arrived and also a free loaf of rice bread! I ended up with a full cart of gluten-free items. They're selection really is amazing, although the prices could be a little lower. After that I went to Safeway for the rest of our groceries. I will buy anything I can gluten-free from a regular supermarket.

Since yesterday I've had the chance to try some of the items that I purchased which leads me to the title of this post. My 1st gluten-free food review! Here I will list the items I've tried, and the honest opinions of myself, husband and children. I will try to include a link to the product when I can so that if you would like to try it you'll know where to find it.

Let the reviewing begin...

Amy's Rice Crust Cheese Pizza

I was very happy to find gluten-free pizza at Whole Foods Market. It was a little pricey at $8.99 for enough pizza to realistically serve two adults. But considering that I don't know of any other place to get pizza at the moment I was willing to pay to try it out.

Overall it was pretty good! My kids really liked it. The bottom of the pizza doesn't get crispy, but the edges do. The crust is very dense, and sort of crumbly. It goes nicely with the cheese and sauce. I drizzled our's with a little garlic flavored olive oil before I put it in the oven. But the sauce and cheese were very flavorful, and had nice texture as well.

I'd buy this again, but I'd pair it with a salad since it's so small.

I give it 3.5 stars out of 5!


Anonymous said...

Hey ya! Trader Joes labels the price labels with "gluten free" so it's faster to shop! I also eat gluten free. I used to be vegan ... the vegetarian, no i eat fish but vegetarian in all other fields. No dairy or gluten! It's a good diet.

hugs, crystal

Catastrophe Waitress said...

Thank you Crystal! I noticed that Whole Foods does that as well, but not on all of their gluten-free foods. So I still had to read labels on quite a bit of items. I am definitely going to make a stop to Trader Joe's, I love it there!

Have a great day!


Alyss said...

Have you seen the Everything Free Eating Blog? She's gluten free (along with all kinds of other things free, thus the name of the blog :)
She's got a couple sourdough bread recipes that may be a bit much for you, but they may be interesting. Other people make pizza like things using gluten free tortillas, slices of bread or english muffins, if you can find them.
Good to hear this product is tasty, but I agree, 8.99 for one or two servings is out of control!

Kasey said...

Sounds sounds a little pricey to me but it really looks delicious.